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Craft Box : Ancien Romans

Date de sortie : 10 octobre 2013
Public : tout public
Auteur : Jillian Powell
Editeur : Wayland
Collection : Craft Box
Nombre de pages : 32 p.
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Présentation : Each book in this delightful, child-friendly series focuses on a different period in history, from Ancient Egypt right up to World War 2. Children will love learning about each era, and then following the simple instructions to make useful or interesting objects from that time. Age-appropriate and accessible, the books are jam-packed with exciting ideas perfect for use at home or in the classroom. In Ancient Romans, you can learn how to make a shield, a Janus mask, a dolphin mosaic, a Roman coin box, a bulla, a triumphal arch photo frame, a fresco, a Draco standard, a laurel wreath, a seal, a clay lamp and a sun dial!

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