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Graphic Mythical Heroes – Perseus Slays the Gorgon Medusa

Bandes dessinées / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : août 2012
Public : tout public      Période historique : : Temps légendaires
Dessinateur : SPENDER Nick
Scénariste : JEFFREY Gary
Editeur : Gareth Stevens Publishing
Collection : Graphic mythical heroes
Nombre de pages : 24 p.

In a gripping tale of honor, kings, and unbelievable creatures, the mythical hero Perseus bests his mother´s suitor”the awful King Phineus. Exciting, vivid illustrations drive this graphic novel´s accessible telling of Perseus´s triumph. Armed with knowledge and gifts given to him by the gods, Perseus uses Medusa´s head to turn Phineus into stone and rescue the maiden Andromeda. Readers will enjoy each informational and engaging panel, and applaud the heroic and cunning end.

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