Ares #1

Bandes dessinées   / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : 11 janvier 2006
Public : tout public
Dessinateur : FOREMAN Travel, FRIDOLFS Derek, SHARPE Dave
Scénariste : OEMING Michael
Coloriste : O'GRADY Leonard
Editeur : Marvel Comics
Nombre de pages : 32 p.

For thousands of years, Ares, The God of War, has been the most violent and ruthlessly efficient killer in Zeus´s stable. The Nuclear Option to be sent in when absolutely, positively, need to kill everything in sight. Now, Ares ” who has invaded Olympus, attempted to take over earth, stood at the walls of Troy, and fought toe to toe with and against Earth´s greatest heroes “ has turned his back on Olympus and centuries of brutal warfare to begin life anew on Earth with one goal : to raise his child. But what happens when Olympus “ under siege and in danger of falling “ calls on its most violent son to come to its rescue ? And what happens if Ares refuses ? Will Zeus destroy his son…and his grandson…to save his city ? This five issues miniseries, illustrated by Travel Foreman and written by Mike Oeming, brings together heroes new and old, uniting Hercules and the Greek Pantheon with the Marvel Universe. Ares is the God of War, so we promise this is like no heroic book Marvel has done before. Heads will fly and blood will flow between Ares and anyone who stands in the way of his son.

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