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Dark Avengers : Ares #1

Bandes dessinées   / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : octobre 2009
Public : tout public      Période historique : : Science-Fiction
Dessinateur : GARCIA Manuel, NORD Cary
Scénariste : GILLEN Kieron
Coloriste : VILLARUBIA José
Editeur : Marvel Comics
Nombre de pages : 32 p.

Ares “ the God of War ! His relentless brutality and his bloodthirsty drive to attain victory at any cost earned him only scorn from his fellow gods in the Greek pantheon, and exile from Olympus. After thousands of years living as a man and fighting in man´s bloody, petty conflicts, Ares joined the ranks of Earth´s mightiest heroes “ the Avengers. Now Norman Osborn “ the new head of the corrupted Dark Avengers and director of the paramilitary intelligence agency H.A.M.M.E.R. “ wants the finest fighting force the God of War can provide. He charges Ares with hand-picking an elite squad of soldiers and beating them into the hardest, sharpest warriors ever to wield an M-60 in each hand. And that´s exactly what Ares will need, when the goddess Hera provides him with a fighting chance to regain his standing in the pantheon´s eyes. And Ares is taking his men with him into the battle of their lives.

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