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Dark Shadows: Book Two – #3 (Lost in Thought (Part III))

Bandes dessinées   / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : juin 1993
Public : tout public      Période historique : : Temps légendaires
Dessinateur : PIMENTEL Joe, WILLIAMS Vickie, GOMEZ Hector
Scénariste : THOMPSON Maggie
Editeur : Innovation Comic
Nombre de pages : 36 p.

Barnabas attacks Nathan Fairfax and prepares to drink his blood. Willie Loomis arrives and convinces Barnabas to let him go. Barnabas returns to the Old House to continue his treatments with Julia Hoffman, leaving Willie alone with Nathan.

Nathan is a telepath and he saw into Barnabas´ mind and knows that he is a vampire. He also knows that Barnabas killed Daphne Harridge and that she rose as a vampire.

That morning, Nathan goes to Barnabas´ coffin determined to put a stake through his heart. Willie arrives once again to save his master and points a gun at Nathan. Nathan sees into Barnabas´ mind and is overwhelmed by the vampire´s memories. Shaken, he drops the gun and leaves the room.

Nathan later comes into contact with Allie and Thenno Grimm, the strange sisters who have been staying in Collinsport. He grabs Thenno´s arm and sees into her mind. Nathan learns that the sisters are actually monstrous gorgons from ancient Greece.

Contains a flashback of the Greek tale of Perseus killing the gorgon, Medusa.

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