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Graphic Mythical Heroes – Hercules Fights the Nemean Lion

Bandes dessinées   / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : août 2012
Public : tout public      Période historique : : Temps légendaires
Dessinateur : SPENDER Nick
Scénariste : JEFFREY Gary
Editeur : Gareth Stevens Publishing
Collection : Graphic mythical heroes
Nombre de pages : 32 p.

Hercules is the ultimate mythical hero”this fast-paced, exciting story will keep readers rooting for the heroic Hercules to succeed as the colorful pages bring alive his mythical world. After killing his family in a fit of madness, he strives for redemption through twelve impossible labors. If completed, not only would the gods forgive his terrible actions, but they would also grant him immortality. Action-packed illustrations and accessible content quickly plunge readers into the first two of Hercules´s labors”the killing of the Nemean Lion and beheading of the many-headed hydra.

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Arrête Ton Char !
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