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See Delphi and die

Romans   / Polar à sujet antique
Date de sortie : 2007
Public : tout public      Période historique : : 1er siècle
Auteur : Davis, Lindsey
Editeur : St Martins press
Nombre de pages : 384 pages
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See Delphi and Die is built, like several of Lindsay Davis’ recent episodes of the adventures of her Roman private detective Falco, around the fact that the ancient world had a surprising number of versions of amenities we consider modern. Here, for example, we get the Roman tourist industry, with the newly rich and the old gentry buying package trips that might last for years, and that take them to the games at Olympia, to the oracle at Delphi and to the sights of Athens. When young women on these tours start turning up dead, Falco persuades the authorities to let him investigate. This is a classic whodunit as well as a Classical one—we get to know the tour party well and follow Falco and his wife Helena Justina as they piece together the inconsistencies and untruths in everyone’s stories.

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Robert Delord
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