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Symposium #1

Bandes dessinées   / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : juillet 2013
Public : tout public      Période historique : : -500 à -100
Dessinateur : BONDARENKO Dmitry
Scénariste : CAMERON Christian
Editeur : Jet City Comics
Nombre de pages : 27 p.

The Shield-Brethren are a secret martial order that has defended the West for centuries. Now, the origins of the order are revealed in this stunning three-issue SideQuest comic book.

As the soldiers of Greece return from war with Persia, they are greeted not as heroes but merely more mouths to feed. Athens is overflowing with the poor and desperate. For some of the former soldiers, this life is not why they fought. They crave adventure. They need money. More than anything, though, they long for purpose. One man may hold the answer: Plato. Not only is he versed in the art of philosophy, but he is no stranger to the art of martial combat. He believes there is a way to combine the two arts, creating a new way of life for the former soldiers.


3 pages en prévue là :

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