Concours : The Greek Roman Bake Off

L’université de Cambridge lance un concours de cuisine antique à destination des jeunes fans de l’antiquité et de cuisine : The Greek Roman Bake Off.

Pour participer, les élèves (entre la 7e et 9e année, ce qui équivaut à peu près à de la 6e à la 4e en France) sont invités à envoyer une vidéo de leur recette de 2 minutes, réalisée seul ou en binôme avant le 20 janvier 2022.

Toutes les informations sur la page du concours : Rien ne semble indiquer que la compétition est réservée à des élèves anglais !

Competition Overview:

Open to years 7, 8 and 9
Individual submissions or groups of 2
Deadline: 10th January 2022


Choose a Roman dish
Cook your dish!
Create a 2-minute recipe video

£250 worth of prizes to be won!

The categories are:

Best video – are you a technology whiz? This category is for you! Wow us with your presentation and video editing skills.
Best research – try including a fun fact in your video. Were the ingredients imported? What did Roman pots and pans look like? How different were Roman ovens from modern ones?
Best looking dish – are you a bit of a perfectionist? Release your inner artist to create a culinary masterpiece!
Best original taste – do you love to experiment with different flavours? Make sure your instructions are specific so that we can recreate the top recipes for our judges to taste!

Top Tips:

You can find recipe inspiration in our resources section – you could follow one of these recipes, adapt them or even make your own from scratch! Were you inspired by something you read? Or did you want to make an ancient equivalent of your favourite modern dish? Tell us about it in your video. Anything goes!
Try to be as authentic as possible. Some common modern ingredients weren’t available to the Romans so try to avoid these. Sometimes you might also have to use a substitute for an ancient ingredient that we no longer use – tell us about the challenges you faced in your video!
Make sure your instructions are precise so that someone watching your video could recreate your dish – remember to tell us the quantities of the ingredients and the cooking times.

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