Périclès durant son oraison funèbre. Philipp Foltz — Private Collection https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/collection/RP-F-2001-7-864-5, wikipedia

Des élèves anglais jouent à des jeux antiques pour comprendre la politique

“Games and workshops based on Ancient Greece and its political figures were recently created by group of academics from the University of Exeter in England and ”The Politics Project,” an educational charity.

The innovative project aims to help British students understand the basics of modern-day politics by acquiring valuable knowledge through a series of enjoyable games and workshops, most of which, employ the work of Thucydides.”

source : GreekReporter, Nick Kampouris, 2 mars

A propos Arrête Ton Char !

Propositions du collectif : https://www.arretetonchar.fr/manifeste-arrête-ton-char-les-lca-aujourdhui/

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