Ad Alpes: A Tale of Roman Life

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Texte : H. C. Nutting
Editeur : autopublication (amazon)
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Format : 302 pages


Let’s face it, learning Latin takes time. It also demands a great amount
of reading. Anyone setting out to read a lot of Latin is immediately
faced with a special obstacle: there are very few full-length
intermediate-level Latin stories even faintly resembling a modern novel
with its continuous story pulling the reader through to the last page.

We are thus pleased and honored to be able to present this almost forgotten gem, Ad Alpes – a Tale of Roman Life
by H. C. Nutting. It is a long, continuous and varied narrative in
excellent Latin, tracing the journey of a Roman family through the
ancient world. Its overarching frame story contains within it many
shorter stories, each of which is full of interest.

delightful book is a valuable supplement to any intermediate course
because it provides the learner with what is often missing – lots of
extensive reading. It helps build language ability and confidence and,
above all, it is fun!

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