Ego, Polyphemus

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Texte : Andrew Olimpi
Editeur : autoedition (amazon)
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Format : 80 pages
EAN : 9781719066433


“Ego sum Polyphemus” Polyphemus the Cyclops’ life is pretty
simple: he looks after his sheep, hangs out in his cave, writes
(horrible) poetry, eats his homemade cheese . . . until one day a ship
arrives on his peaceful island, bringing with it invaders and turning
his world upside down. This novella, based on the works of Vergil and
Ovid, is suitable for all beginning readers of Latin. This
novella uses only 140 unique Latin words–over 90 of which are easy
Latin cognates–making this an idea way for a beginning Latin learner
with little vocabulary knowledge to read an entire novella with ease

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