Hercules : The Legendary Journey #3

Rayon :
Texte : ROY Thomas
Dessin : BUTLER Jeff, MONTANO Steve, SAUNDERS Zina
Editeur : -
Format : 24 pages


Xena’s home Amphilpolis is burned down and her mother taken captive by the army that committed the heinous act. And it looks like the Aesor’s, the leader of the army, right-hand man is none other than… Hercules?!

Xena and Gabrielle manage to fight off the army, but Hercules and Aesor run away. One seriously enraged warrior princess rides to the home of the hero, only to discover that he’s celebrating his mother’s birthday with his friends.

Once Hercules has convinced Xena that he wasn’t the one who burned down her hometown, the heroes team up to find out who’s really behind the villainous act and who’s been impersonating Hercules.

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