Propagande, désinformation & politique : l’exemple Marc Antoine / Octave

Utiliser la rumeurs à des fins de propagande et/ou de désinformation n’est pas un mal de notre siècle, comme nous le rappelle cet article d’Izabella Kaminska dans “The financial Times” ;

A long time ago, in a republic far away, a civil war broke out igniting a fake news crisis. It started when Julius Caesar appointed himself dictator for life in 44BC, a move that unnerved traditionalist republican factions which considered it an attack on Roman liberty. Led by Brutus and calling themselves “the liberators”, the group’s members conspired to assassinate Caesar on the Ides of March, stabbing him 23 times until he died on the senate floor.

But rather than re-establish the republican system, all this did was unleash a brutal power struggle between two of Caesar’s most prominent supporters: Mark Antony, his loyal confidant and general, and Octavian, Caesar’s adopted son and self-styled successor.


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