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Eidolon / How Epic is Star Wars?

Le dernier Star Xars s’inscrit-il dans la tradition “épique” à l’ancienne ? Quels liens avec l’Enéide ? Although Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has mostly received positive reviews, critics have noted a lack of creativity in the new film, which draws heavily on material from the original Star Wars trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI). In his review …

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Academia.edu / Imagerie populaire contre réalité historique : ce que la série Rome révèle sur la pratique de l’histoire

Popular Imagination vs. Historical Reality : What does HBO’s Rome reveal about the practice of history Historical films have been subject to controversy and criticism within the discipline of historyin recent decades, particularly as film began to influence popular imagination on historicalevents. The release of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator (2000) instigated an overflow of literature and public interest in antiquity and …

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