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Coin Week / Quels vêtements portait-on dans l’Antiquité ?

Mike Markowitz illustre sur le site coinweek avec des monnaies antiques quelques tenues portées dans l’antiquité : Chiton, Peplos, Chlamys, Himation, Toga, Stola, tunica & Paludamentum. Clothes carried a range of social and cultural meanings that are expressed by the garments we see on ancient coins. Coin auction catalogues and reference books describe these garments with a Greek and Latin …

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Visualising Late Antiquity / l’art de raccommoder et recycler les vêtements dans l’antiquité

Clothing in Late Antiquity was not the disposable commodity it is nowadays; it was valuable enough to be named in a will, used as surety for loans, or included in a dowry. Literary sources suggest that wealthy and high status individuals had many and beautiful clothes, however for the middle and lower classes clothing was an expensive necessity that was …

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Forbes / Les sous-vêtements des Romains

Roman undergarments are a difficult thing to uncover. Archaeologically, only extremely wet or extremely dry climates preserve leather, linen, wool, and silk, so there are few recovered textiles. Artistically, many of the monuments and sculpture that survive from antiquity are pieces of state propaganda, and rulers weren’t usually depicted in their skivvies. Nudity among the Romans was also a bit …

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