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Coin Week / Quels vêtements portait-on dans l’Antiquité ?

Mike Markowitz illustre sur le site coinweek avec des monnaies antiques quelques tenues portées dans l’antiquité : Chiton, Peplos, Chlamys, Himation, Toga, Stola, tunica & Paludamentum.

Clothes carried a range of social and cultural meanings that are expressed by the garments we see on ancient coins. Coin auction catalogues and reference books describe these garments with a Greek and Latin vocabulary that can be baffling for beginners. Only a handful of actual garments survive from classical antiquity (mostly from Roman Egypt), so to understand ancient dress we rely on evidence from art history and literature. Coins cannot tell us the colors or patterns of ancient textiles; for that we rely on wall paintings, mosaics and ceramics.

But the best ancient coin engravers did have a good eye for drapery…

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