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Xena, Warrior Princess – #1 The The Warrior Way of Death

Bandes dessinées   / comics & périodiques
Date de sortie : septembre 1999
Public : tout public
Dessinateur : STEWART Dave
Scénariste : STEWART Dave
Coloriste : MIGNOLA Mike
Editeur : Dark Horse
Nombre de pages : 36 p.

Xena and Gabrille have been crucified and are slowly dieing on the cross. Calisto watches this angrily as her mission was to bring xena to hell and secure faith to hells king from ceasar. She is dragged back to hell where she realizes Ceasar is now dead and her mission a failure.

Hell lord gives her one more chance. Zeus come and offers Xena a chance to choose a different path and thus save gabrille the pain she has suffered following her. Xena accepts to save her friend and finds herself at the moment she abandoned her army. this time she defeats the usurper and leads them into battle.

Gabby calls out to a motionless xena, and Callisto informs her that Xena at this very moment is not dead but on a path that will lead her straight to hell.

the story takes places between the start and end of xena season 4 episode 21.

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