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The term “Athenian Calendar” (also called the “Attic Calendar”) has become somewhat of a misnomer, since Ancient Athenians never really used just one method to reckon the passage of time. Athenians, especially from the 3rd Century BCE forward, could consult any one of five separate “calendars:” Olympiad, Seasonal, Civil, Conciliar, and finally Metonic – depending on what event or type of event they wished to chronical. Athenians, furthermore, either created these calendars for specific purposes or adopted them from others.

All Athenian calendars, however, used lunar cycles and/or solar events (typically solstices and equinoxes but also certain stars or constellations) to affix dates. These calendars also ran roughly from midsummer to midsummer, while days ran from sunrise to sunrise. Every Greek polis as well as oth…

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