Peter Wright, “professeur de l’année” 2015 en Angleterre, parle de son amour des langues anciennes…

Eh oui, le prof de l’année enseigne le latin et le grec…

I remember, when I was at school, my Year 4 teacher delivering a lesson about Homer’s Odyssey. I absolutely fell in love with the story of Odysseus fighting it out with giants, sirens and sea monsters, and have been lucky enough to study the ancient world ever since. I have now been teaching about it for more than nine years and remain as fascinated as ever by people who are so different from us, yet still so familiar.

I started teaching classical civilisation at Blackpool Sixth Form College in 2006 where, to be honest, the subject was rather underperforming. We had a total of 20-odd students with consistently low grades and value-added scores. As a Classics teacher I am passionate about making the ancient world both accessible and relevant to 21st-century students – and I strongly feel that this type of subject can be a major tool in broadening horizons and raising aspirations, particularly in an area such as Blackpool.

I want my students to k…

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