Brice C. Jones / Violence en bande organisée sur un papyrus du 2è siècle de Tebtunis

Brice C. Jones nous parle sur son blog du papyrus P.Tebt. 2.304 qui nous raconte l’agression subie par  Pakebkis et son frère Onnophris en Egypte au 2ème siècle, à Tebtunis.

Like today, people in the ancient world dealt with all sorts of crime, violence, rape, murder, theft, and so on. In many cases, crimes in the ancient world were never reported. And we can understand why: rural settings usually lacked protection against crime and violence. And this is precisely one of the reasons travel in the ancient world was considered dangerous. Someone could mug you and steal your garment and easily get away with it. Think about it. No one is around to help you or to witness the attack, and so you sit there wounded, hoping that a good samaritan will pass by and help tend to your wounds. It’s no surprise, then, that Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan in the Bible was so effective: people knew exactly what he meant!

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