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Texte : Andrew Olimpi
Editeur : autoedition (amazon)
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Format : 90 pages
EAN : 9781985727137


Princess Ariadna’s family is . . . well . . . complicated. Her father
Minos, king of Crete, ignores her. Her mother is insane. Her
half-brother is a literal monster—the Minotaur who lives deep within the
twisting paths of the Labyrinth. When a handsome stranger arrives on
the island, Ariadna is faced with the ultimate choice: should she stay
on the island of Crete, or should she abandon her family and her old
life for a chance at escape . . . and love? This novella is adapted from
Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” and Catullus’ “Carmen 64,” and is suitable for
all novice readers of Latin. This novella was written using only 120
unique Latin words, 45 of which are close English cognates.

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