Capterra / Pour vous lancer dans le commerce, étudiez le latin, pas le commerce !

Le blog Capterra nous explique : “Why Studying Latin, More So Than Business, Is Ideal Training for Actually Running a Business” :

If I could change just one thing about the education I received growing up, I think I know what it could be. I would have been required to take Latin. No, not a year or two in high school. I’m thinking at least 5 years, maybe even 7 or 8 years, beginning in grade school and culminating in high school.

I used to think that both my K-12 public schooling as well as my education from a private “Top 25” university were quite satisfactory, even borderline superb. Life sure can be humbling when you don’t read Plato’s dialogs in earnest until your late 20s and realize how ignorant – and underserved – you have been all along. I hadn’t even comprehended what it meant to “know” something.

Latin wasn’t an easy first choice. I also would have read more…way more, particularly the classics. If it were up to me, I would have taken calculus sooner than 12th grade to afford time to go deeper and study multivariable calculus, maybe even some linear algebra, while still in high school. I would have spent more time marveling at the beauty of nature,…

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