Tutoriel : se fabriquer un bouclier grec

Hoplologia started studying the construction of the aspis in July 2008. As soon as research was started it became obvious that neither the academic world nor the reenactment world actually knew, for certain, how to construct an aspis, although many secondary sources exist with pictures that infer or suggest how an aspis might be built.

It is worth noting at the outset that, to the best of our knowledge, two original aspides exist in collections, as well as more than forty fragments. The two we know of are in the Vatican Museum (the best known, and well-documented) and in Switzerland, at Basel (as of this writing, we don’t have access to this shield but the issue is being worked.) In addition, thanks to the richness of archaic and classical art, we have hundreds–actually, thousands–of images of both the front and back of the aspis.

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