Apprendre le latin derrière les barreaux

Jessica Wright, PhD à Princeton, raconte sur le site eidolon son choix d’enseigner le latin en prison (aux Etats-Unis). L’article s’attache surtout à expliquer ce choix. La conclusion est brillante :

The humanities “humanize” not because they make us more human, but because they shape us in ways considered distinctive to human beings (a point controversial in post-humanism — but that’s another essay), because they acknowledge our universal need for intellectual nourishment and growth. At their best, the humanities humanize us through the recognition of commonality in the face of difference. If there is one thing that Classicists can contribute to the contemporary social justice movement, it is perhaps a willingness to open up the discipline to new voices, new definitions, and new criteria for success. Teaching Latin inside prison requires not only prison clearance and willing students, but also the desire to find out what Latin looks like from the perspective of somebody else.

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