The “Journal of Classics Teaching”: le numéro 42 est disponible.

Le dernier numéro de la revue anglaise consacrée à la didactique des langues anciennes “Journal of Classics Teaching ” (Volume 21 – Issue 42 – Autumn 2020) est disponible en ligne.


Au sommaire:

  • A case study investigation of student perceptions of women as seen in the Cambridge Latin Course in a selective girls grammar school (Emily Amos)
  • Coins in the Classroom – Teaching Group Work with Roman Coins  (Gwynaeth McIntyre, Charlotte Dunn, William P. Richardson)
  • Game-Informed Assessment for Playful Learning and Student Experience (Part II)  (Maria Pavlou)
  • Teaching Translation Theory and Practice (Stijn Praet, Berenice Verhelst)
  • A critical investigation of Y7 students’ perceptions of Roman slavery as evidenced in the stories of the Cambridge Latin Course (Ella Parodi)
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic, Exams Crisis and Classics in Scottish Schools (Alex Imrie)
  • Covid-19, Classical Subjects and the Classroom: Teachers’ Feedback from Summer 2020 (Jessica Dixon)
  • Spoken Latin in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance Revisited (Terence Tunberg)
  • Distance-learning with Seneca (Evan Dutmer)
  • Teletherapeia: Ancient Consolation in the Distance Latin Classroom (Evan Dutmer)
  • Theory: A Short Guide for Classicists (Jerome Moran)
  • Classics for All North. The view from Liverpool (Alice Case, Maria Haley)
  • Bringing Classics to the State Schools of the Midlands: A Year in the Life of the WCN (Paul Grigsby)
  • Grammar-Translation: What Is It—Really—For Students? (Lance Piantaggini)
  • Ancient Herstories (Maria Haley, Elinor Cosgrave)

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