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The “Journal of Classics Teaching ” : le numéro 38 est disponible

Le dernier numéro de la revue anglaise consacrée à la didactique des langues anciennes “Journal of Classics Teaching ” (Volume 19 – Issue 38 – Autumn 2018) est disponible en ligne.

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Au sommaire :

– When Things Don’t Fit: Looking at the London Mithraeum (Hugh Bowden)

– Roman Religion in the Classroom: Spotlight on the Mysteries of Mithras (Ersin Hussein)

– Interactive Mithras: Giving Primary School Children an Introduction to Mithras (Caroline Lawrence)

– Introducing Prose Composition to Year 9 Students: Strategies for Developing Confidence in English to Latin Translation (Denise Batchelor)

– Bilingualism in the Classroom: Using Latin as an Aid to the Learning of Modern Italian (Emma Wall)

– Teaching Socrates to First-year Philosophy Students in Iran, Based on Plato’s Euthyphro (Maryam Forghani, Sofia A Koutlaki)

– Teaching and Learning Latin in the Key Stage 3 Classroom: Using the Cambridge Latin Course Explorer Tool (Francis Hunt)

– Primary English and Modern Foreign Languages Impact Study: Latin Microteaching (Veronica Poulter)

– The Virtue of Variety: Opening the Doors to Wider Pedagogical Practices in UK Schools and Universities (Steven Hunt)

– Communicative Approaches to Learning Latin: Voice and Tone in Learning Latin Terminations (Grace Miller)

– ‘Not so Much Learning to Speak Latin, but Speaking to Learn it’. Action Research on the Use of Conversational, Spoken Latin in the UK Secondary School Classroom (James Sinclair)

– Marking Latin Unseen Translations (John Tuckfield)

– M.Flandia: A Newly-Discovered Society of Strong Women and Helpful Men (Mary Frances Dondelinger)

– In Their Own Words: Some Recently-Published Latin and Greek Course Books

– An Interschool Partnership in Wakefield (David Dean)

– Preparing and Delivering a Classical School Assembly (William Lawrence)

– The R/renaissance(s), Humanists And Classics (Jerome Moran)

– News and Reports

– Book Reviews

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